Biostar Enters The GeForce GTX 1080 Battleground

Biostar has produced Nvidia graphics cards for years, but the company typically sticks to mid-range GPUs, like the GeForce GTX 950. This time, however, the company has set its eyes on the high end with a new GeForce GTX 1080.

Instead of using a custom cooler, Biostar opted to use the Founder’s Edition cooler employed on numerous other GeForce GTX 1080s. Unfortunately, this will make it harder for the company to differentiate itself. However, Biostar does have its own custom GPU coolers, which it uses on high-end graphics cards sold in other parts of the world, so it is possible we could still see a custom cooled version of the GeForce GTX 1080 from Biostar.

Biostar will likely find it difficult to be price competitive as well. The company sets an MSRP of $799 for its GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, but other GTX 1080s on the market already sell for $699. Because this card doesn’t come with any special features or a more powerful thermal solution, there is no reason to pay $100 more for what is essentially the same graphics card. This is just the MSRP, however, so it's possible we will see Biostar’s GTX 1080 sell for less when it goes up for sale.

The GPU is also not factory overclocked; it operates at the same clock speeds as Nvidia’s Founder’s Edition card.

There is currently no word on availability.

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Biostar GeForce GTX 1080
Core Clock1,607 MHz
Boost Clock1,733 MHz
Memory8 GB GDDR5X 10,010 MHz
OutputDVIHDMIDisplay Port
Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers hardware component news, specializing in CPUs and motherboards.
  • DookieDraws
    I didn't even know they made GPUs. Good luck to them.
  • San-DK
    Hmm why even bother then? Strange.
  • engineer5261
    Same clocks as reference, same cooler as reference, price tag of 799$. Why does this exist? Cashing in on market shortage? there is no other way this makes sense.
  • kyle382
    well I guess if they are still hard to find then any 1080 card will sell well.
  • knowom
    Biostar sticker added on fan + $100's!
  • thundervore
    Wow, just wow.

    Somewhere someone out there will want to pay more for a card that have no advantage over the Nvidia model