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Biostar Introduces Non-K CPU Overclocking With HyperOC

Biostar announced that its HyperOC technology will be implemented across four of its Z170 Skylake motherboards.

It was recently discovered that, with the right motherboard, any Skylake CPU could be overclocked by increasing the system’s base clock. At the time, it wasn’t clear which motherboards would be capable of overclocking these CPUs, but board manufacturers have been working to add overclocking support for non-K processors on their products.

Shortly after that report emerged, ASRock released a list of motherboards with overclocking support for Skylake processors. Now, Biostar is also adding overclocking support for these CPUs with its HyperOC technology. Simply, this feature extends overclocking support to non-K processors.

As non-K CPUs have locked multipliers, you must overclock by raising the base clock. Biostar demonstrated this with a few CPU-Z screen shots showing the base clock increased anywhere from 20 to 60 percent. Your overclocking results will vary depending on your CPU, however, and you shouldn’t expect to match these overclocks exactly.

HyperOC will be enabled on the following four motherboards after a BIOS update.

Biostar Gaming Z170XBiostar Gaming Z170TBiostar Gaming Z170WBiostar Hi-Fi Z170Z5

The BIOS update should be available now for download.

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