Biostar Shows Which Motherboards Support Windows 11

Microsoft teases Windows 11's launch date
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Biostar has officially revealed its list of motherboards that will be compatible with Microsoft's new Windows 11 operating system. These supported boards feature TPM 2.0 to ensure the best compatibility with the new OS.

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Current Biostar Motherboard Compatibility With Windows 11
Z590 SeriesX570 Series
B560 SeriesB550 Series
B460 SeriesA520 Series
H510 SeriesB450 Series
B250 SeriesX470 Series
X370 Series
B350 Series
A320 Series

This list is Biostar's current list of Windows 11 supported motherboards lineups and should be expanding soon to other chipset models. The most notable lineups that are still missing are the Intel 300 series chipsets and any Intel H series chipsets (like H270 & H370).

Biostar is the first manufacturer to officially have a Windows 11 support list for its motherboards, and we should expect to see simliar lists from other popular board makers such as Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock, and more.

This should make building a PC a bit easier, as the new Windows 11 system requirements can easily slip under the radar for a novice PC builder who doesn't know that features like TPM 2.0 are now a requirement to support Microsoft's latest OS.

Aaron Klotz
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