BitsPower Reveals Full-Cover Maximus VI Impact Water Block

Earlier, BitsPower already released a full-cover water block for the last-generation flagship Mini-ITX board from Asus, and now, it has released another full-cover water block for a Mini-ITX board. This block is built for the Maximus VI Impact motherboard, which is without a doubt, the best equipped Mini-ITX motherboard for Intel's Haswell processors.

BitsPower has built the water block to cover the CPU, the Z87 chipset, as well as the VRM circuitry. As such, the water block has a 90-degree bend that leads to the VRM circuitry. This is because the VRM circuitry on the P9Z77-I is on a separate daughterboard, since there was not enough space on the Mini-ITX board for a 10-phase VRM circuit. Regardless, the cooling block is just a single unit, and BitsPower refers to this design as a Unibody Style Construction.

The water blocks will come in four versions: two with an acrylic top and two with an 'ICE Black' top. For each version you can get one with either just a copper base or one with a nickel-plated copper base for a longer lifetime.

Included with the water blocks are thermal pads, a bit of TIM (Thermal Interface Material), all the screws you'll ever need to mount it, as well as a backup 0-ring in case you ever decide to disassemble the unit, or if the o-ring breaks.

There was no information about when the units would be available in stores, nor was there any word on pricing.

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • DarkSable
    Now that... has some interesting possibilities. Too bad you can't use it and an Apogee II at the same time.
  • austing
    I really think that ITX gaming rigs are going to become the biggest form factor in the next 5 years. Full VRM coverage and enough room for robust ram heatsinks, ITX watercooling can take the limits of K series CPUs on such a small and portable form factor. Will definitely keep my eye on watercooled ITX as I prepare for my next build.