New Expansion For 'Black Desert Online' Arrives September 27, And It's Free

New content is coming for Black Desert Online players later this month. In addition to more gameplay, the first part of the “Kamasylvia” expansion will also feature a new location, and Kakao Games provided an early look at the area.

The new Kamasylvia area consists mainly of sprawling woodlands, which are inhabited primarily by elves. The studio said that its size in landmass is the same as the neighboring region of Calpheon, which hosts the game’s largest trading area. In Kamasylvia, the main hub is the village known as the Old Wisdom Tree. Even though anyone can travel to the new region at launch, Kakao Games said that high-level characters will benefit the most from the new content. In addition, group play is recommended, so bring some comrades with you.

The expansion will introduce numerous main and side missions that provide more details on the Ranger and the Dark Knight, which are two player classes native to the area. If you’re on the hunt for more items to add to your inventory, you can try out two new events, “The Alchemist of Kamaslyvia” and “Growth of a Kamasylve Tree.”

For an additional challenge, you can work with other players to visit a new location in the area called The Altar of Training. It includes a survival mode where your group must defend sacred treasure from multiple waves of increasingly difficult enemies. If you manage to make it past the fifth wave, a powerful enemy called the Ancient Puturum appears, and defeating it will provide you powerful items and gear.

Access to the expansion also gives you the chance to get a new Tier 9 mount called Arduanatt. The “Tier 9” designation means that it’s one of the fastest mounts you can have in the game. The studio said that it also includes an ability called Wings of the Wind that allows it to glide in the air after a double jump.

The new expansion arrives on September 27, and it will be available to all players for free. The studio also noted that this is only the first half of the expansion, and more information on the latter portion of “Kamasylvia”is coming soon.

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Release DateMarch 3, 2016
  • jsomiller44
    Drop chance for relevant gear will still be 0.001% But boy does the game look good.
  • mortsmi7
    The GW2 expansion drops Friday. It features mounts that can jump, glide, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and teleport. Maybe in 6 months I'll get back around to Black Desert.