Blizzard's StarCraft II Beta is Delayed

Wondering what the heck happened to those StarCraft II beta invites? After all, it's late 2009 as Blizzard originally promised, and so far there's no word about its impending release. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as if the beta will make an appearance in 2009 after all according to Blizzard producer Chris Sigaty.

In a recent interview with Russian website held during the three-day games expo IgroMir, Sigaty said that the beta won't make an appearance until 2010, and then refused to mention any additional info, saying that Blizzard isn't discussing dates. In fact, the remaining portion of the interview regurgitated common StarCraft II knowledge stemming from BlizCon 2009: offline play is possible but no achievements will be acquired, etc.

Based on VG247's November 5 article, Blizzard plans to release the first StarCraft II installment during Q2 2010, backing up the company's "first half of 2010" comment made during Blizzard's Q3 financial call to investors. But with the beta now knocked back into 2010, it's possible that the game may be smacked back a few extra months on the calendar too, making it a Q3 release instead. Hopefully that's not the case.

  • ssalim
    Of course, they always do that -- but the final product is flawless!
  • doomtomb
    NO WAY!!! Delayed really??? (sarcasm)
  • IronRyan21
    FFS, I just cringe when I see another Starcraft 2 headline on toms.......
  • XD_dued
    Wasn't the beta supposed to be at the end of summer? At this point I don't even keep track of the release date of this and d3 lol
  • gekko668
    I'm not surprised anymore.
  • pooflinger1
    Perhaps they just intend to have the beat period be smaller....

    Think about it. Beta's are like appetizers... They just want to give you enough so that you are starving by the time the main course comes around. If the appetizer is too large, then you are less hungry when it comes time for the main course.

    Blizzard lives off of hype and rumors. Do they make great games. Yes. But they also aren't known for releasing a ton of info.
  • aznriptide859
    No surprise here. Watch SCII never get released XD.
  • ArgleBargle
    @aznriptide859: I've predicted it to be vaporware for a long time now.
  • bfstev
    I'll get this right after I pick up duke nukem forever. Cant wait!
  • ominous prime
    I'm unsurprised, hopefully we'll see a release before 2012, I want to play this while the world ends.