Bravo is Affordable, Powerful Headphone Amp

Audiophiles not wanting to disturb their roommates or neighbors have, historically, needed a solid set of headphones as well as a fairly pricey amplifier to really unleash their potential. The Bravo Audio V2 Tube Amplifier defies a lot of the traditional thinking, though. It’s remarkably small and though it looks bit rough, it delivers on high-quality sound at an excellent price.

All-told it’s about as barebones as the rather naked chassis might imply. You won’t get a digital converter and your I/O options are fairly limited, but at $75, that’s to be expected. You can jack the V2 straight into a computer or portable music player via the standard MM jack, or to any RCA source. It works with in-ear headphones as well as circumaurals.

If you’ve recently come into some audiophile-class cans and are looking for a bit more oomph, these are a great alternative to bigger, more expensive amps.

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  • old man emu
    The bravo is a terrible measuring, unreliable amplifier that requires a LOAD of mods to sound decent. Save your $75 and if you want an open chassis amplifier that really performs, look at the offerings. 10x better, American made and built.
  • ethanolson
    Yeah... Bravo is a place to get your feet wet with tube amps but I'm much more a fan of very well designed SET Hybrid amps like the stuff from Garage1217. It's important to note that they may be American built but they were co-designed with help from a dude in Europe who I think is one of the very best audio engineers on planet earth.
  • Shin-san
    I like Schiit better.
  • danwat1234
    That is a huge box to power the tiny speakers that are in head phones!
  • gaborbarla
    "Bravo is Affordable, Powerful Headphone Amp"
    Fire good, Grognak like fire!