Reminder: UK Netflix Already Has New Breaking Bad

Back in July Netflix UK and IRL announced that it had secured AMC's Breaking Bad on a first run basis. What's more, the company promised users wouldn't have to wait too long after the US air date to get their hands on the newest episodes. In case you've forgotten, Breaking Bad's 5th season returned last night, and so Netflix users in the United Kingdom and Ireland are already able to catch the first episode. Netflix had promised in July that each episode would be available the Monday after it aired in the U.S. Like clockwork, Sunday's night's mid-season premiere was made available just before lunch on Monday.

"We are thrilled to be bringing the highly-anticipated Final Season of Breaking Bad to Netflix members in the UK and Ireland on a first-run basis," said Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. "Breaking Bad is a once in a generation calibre of show and continues to be a huge success on Netflix."

Netflix hasn't been in the UK market for very long, and it is by no means the only player in the game (what's up LoveFilm, 4oD and iPlayer?), but the company has already snagged itself some pretty impressive agreements with studios. Deals like this one definitely go a long way when you're up against rivals that have been around for significantly longer.

  • antilycus
    more proof that capitalism sucks. The U.S. residents will have to wait at least a year because studios want their money, not realizing that if they did something like that in the U.S. they'd almost double their money and slow down piracy significantly.
  • thedroid123
    It is proof that capitalism works. More profits is the reason we have a 5th season at all. Where did you get your figures for doubling their money. Dont you think that if they were making more to release early inthe US they would do it? Your comment makes no sense bro
  • makaveli316
    Who cares, i download it the next morning for free. european pirates....we're so bad. Thumbs down buddy c'mon....