Cree shows off super-bright white LED

US-based LED developer Cree said that it has developed a new white LED that puts out light at almost ten times the efficiency of your average incandescent light bulb. According to Cree, its white LED achieves a rating of 131 lumens per watt, while a 60 watt light bulb typically circles around 14 lumens per watt.

Cree did not reveal the total brightness of the new LED - the company however mentioned that 131 lumens per watt marks a new record level: The previous record, set last September also by Cree, was 70 lumens per watt and was demonstrated with a LED that achieved a total brightness of 86 lumens.

  • norbs
    I have a small 1 LED Cree Flashlight and that things kicks ass, it uses 3 aaa batteries and is extremely bright.