New Broadcom NFC Controller Family is Smaller, More Efficient

On Monday, Broadcom Corporation introduced the next-generation of its NFC controllers. This new generation enables mobile device manufacturers to reduce antenna size by 50 percent, thus lowering the overall cost by 35 percent.

Compared to older NFC solutions, the company's new BCM20795 controllers reduce power consumption by more than 60 percent, use 30 percent fewer components, and take up 35 percent less space. The new NFC family is also compatible with the Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) platform, and is certified for all payment schemes.

"This offers a significant advantage as various mobile payment methods are introduced on an international scale. As the first vendor to support the NFC Forum's latest specifications, Broadcom also ensures compliance with all current standards," the company reports.

A list of features point out that the company's next-generation Active Load Modulation technology reduces the antenna size down to very compact sizes, meaning more room in the smartphone for other components. This new family also supports Reader/Writer mode (R/W), Active and Passive Peer (P2P) mode and Tag/Card Emulation mode.

The new product family consists of multiple devices, each targeted for specific applications ranging from secure mobile applications to embedded systems. This new family also supports the latest NFC Forum specifications, including NFC Controller Interface (NCI 1.1) for host, and extends data rates to 848 kbps.

"Broadcom's new NFC controllers offer an innovative architecture that radically reduces costs for our customers so that they can deliver simplified connectivity to a broader audience," said Dino Bekis, Broadcom Vice President, Product Marketing, Wireless Connectivity Combos.

The Broadcom BCM20795 family of NFC controllers is now sampling with customers.