But Wait, There's More! Intel Beefs Up Comet Lake Celeron CPUs

Intel Celeron Processor
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Intel quietly put the official stamp on the new Core i9-10850K yesterday, but it turns out that's not all that the chipmaker had brewing. Intel has also beefed up a trio of its Comet Lake Celeron CPUs with twice the cache and increased clock speeds over the previous models. 

Spotted by @momomo_us, the Celeron chips are specifically the G5925, G5905 and G5905T, which drop into the product stack right above the still very-young G5920, G5900 and G5900T, respectively. 


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Header Cell - Column 0 Cores/ThreadsClock SpeedCachePrice
Celeron G59252/2 3.6 GHz4 MB$52
Celeron G59202/23.5 GHz2 MB$52
G59052/23.5 GHz4 MB$42
G59002/23.4 GHz2 MB$42
G5905T2/23.3 GHz4 MB$42
G5900T2/23.2 GHz2 MB$42

It's unclear why the new chips have identical prices to the old ones, but we reckon Intel's yields were good enough in this segment to justify giving the chips a bump without burdening the consumer with added costs. 

Intel will likely first let OEMs and retailers burn through the old stock of chips and then phase in the new ones, so it wouldn't come as a surprise to see a PCN (product change notification) show up for the trio of old chips as Intel starts phasing them out. Alternatively, they could stay on the market, leaving it up to OEMs' or retailers' discretion to price them differently. 

Niels Broekhuijsen

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