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CableMod WideBeam Hybrid LED Strips Offer Both RGB And White LEDs

Choosing between multiple options sucks. That's why someone thought up surf and turf, for when you want both steak and seafood, and why CableMod made the new WideBeam Hybrid RGB/W LED Strips for people who can't decide if their rig should be lit with a bunch of fancy colors or plain white lights.

CableMod said that using RGB LEDs to create white light can often lead to off colors when viewed at the wrong angle. So the WideBeam Hybrid RGB/W LED Strips have two rows of LEDs: the all-too-popular RGBs handle the colors, and a row of WideBeam White LEDs offer honest-to-goodness white light. Both rows of LEDs can be independently controlled with an included 40-key remote control; they also support Gigabyte's RGB Fusion Technology.

"These Hybrid RGB/W strips combine two types of adhesive," the company said in its announcement. "Rare-earth magnets adhere securely to ferrous surfaces like steel PC cases, while allowing easy ad mess-free repositioning at any time. Also along the bottom of each strip is a strong 3M adhesive, making these strips suitable for even non-magnetic surfaces like aluminum." (CableMod's first strips used only one type of adhesive or the other.)

The WideBeam Hybrid RGB/W LED Strips use SATA Power Connectors and can be daisy chained to cover more space. CableMod will sell the strips in four variants: 30cm strips, 60cm strips, and kits for each length that include Y cables, an RF remote control and receiver pair, and more. The company didn't say when the product would debut or how much it will cost when it does. Here's a full breakdown from CableMod about what's included with each kit:

1 x 30cm or 60cm WideBeam Hybrid LED Strip1 x RF Remote Control1 x RF Receiver1 x Y Cable (50cm)1 x SATA Power Cable (15cm)1 x 5-pin Extension Cable (5cm)4 x 5-pin Connectors1 x Instruction Booklet

The individual packages include the strips, extension cable, and connectors.