SilverStone Releases LS02 Flexible Light Strip

By now your rig probably glows brighter than Times Square. Just in case you need a little more light in your life, though, SilverStone released the LS02 so you could make your system twinkle with the light of a thousand RGB LEDs. Well, not quite a thousand: the flexible light strip features 18 LEDs.

The LS02 is coated with a "special light diffusion material" to ensure more uniform colors. SilverStone said the LS02 can be controlled by hardware and software capable of manipulating +12V G, R, B signals like an RGB LED control box or motherboard. The product appears to be capable of showing just one color at a time--all of the company's press materials show the light strips glowing a single color or cycling through multiple colors in a sequence.

SilverStone packed two LS02 strips into each box. The company said these strips have built-in magnetic strips and adhesive tape to "better meet the demand of enthusiasts that require more flexibility in installation." The devices can be daisy chained, but it's not clear if doing so would offer more granular controls over the coloring or if they'll be restricted to the same color. SilverStone also included two Y cables with RGB 4-pin connector support.

The LS02 is available now in the European Union for $21 (VAT excluded) and US consumers can buy it for $22 from Newegg.

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ProductSilverStone LS02
Material18 pcs 5050 RGB LED with magnetic strip and adhesive tape
Pin Definition+12V, G, R, B
Included PartsRGB LED strip x 2Y cable x 2
Wattage1.44W (12V, 0.12A)
Tandem Limits5 pcs on each line
Nathaniel Mott
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