Canada Gives Thumbs Up to P2P Networks

On the heel’s of the U.S. federal election, Canadian NDP leader Jack Layton delivers a message on YouTube saying that he fully supports peer-to-peer (P2P) networks during Canada’s own election. Layton, party leader of the NDP, a major political group in Canada, says that P2P networks are part of innovation and should not be regulated by government bodies.

According to Layton:

"There’s the politics behind the net, for example. We’ve got these big corporations that are moving in to threaten net neutrality.

Now I think this is very, very dangerous and we have put the whole issue of net neutrality right into the heart of our campaign platform and I’d urge you to visit to see what we’re saying about it."

Net neutrality has become a hot topic, one that even Barack Obama has talked about in his presidential campaign on a very serious level. Many ISPs have gone towards monitoring and regulating both usage type and bandwidth with customers.

It’s no surprise that major ISPs and network technology companies such as Cisco are in favor of regulating networks. The backers claim that by monitoring and introducing tiers, customers will receive a better online experience. Of course, consumers are against this and U.S. government officials are still up in arms on what to do.

"Just like we don’t favor two-tiered healthcare, we don’t favor two-tiered Internet either. What we want to see is the Internet used as a public tool—a public tool for exchanging ideas and I particularly want to say that if we don’t fight to preserve it, we could lose it," says Layton.

Many consumers are frustrated already with the way Internet connection packages are sold. For example, while connection speeds are increasing, ISPs are finding more ways to put a cap on what customers can download and how much. Got a nice 10Mbit or higher connection? Be prepared to be slapped with a large overage bill or have your connection suspended if your ISP feels that you’ve downloaded "an excessive amount" of data.

Net neutrality is one topic that certainly will get hotter with the results of this year’s election.

  • Wow, I think I just found out for who I'll vote tomorrow morning! At long last some intelligent remarks on net neutrality. Vive le NDP !!!
  • tipoo
    damn, i cant vote this election :(
  • one-shot
    If I lived in Canada I'd be voting for this guy. Some great points. Too bad The Democratic Presidential Nominee here is like the opposite ie. Telecom Immunity Bill.
  • HE GOT MY VOTE!!!!!!
  • Loup Garou
    The NDP is a socialist party that will never govern Canada so what Jack Layton says is completely irrelevant. The NDP does not equal Canada.
    What a stupid article.
  • Mromson
    Man has my vote, right there. BAM. SOLD.
  • shakes1234
    Glad I've been voting for him since I've been able to vote.
  • captaincharisma
    i guess ill up this for another reason to vote NDP tomorrow. i was going to vote NDPbecause the rest of the candidates suck
  • Tekkamanraiden
    I was heading towards NDP as I can't stand the Liberals or the Conservatives. This pretty much clinches it.
  • jevon
    Well I'm still going to vote Liberal, but NDP would be my second choice. The NDP just haven't been able to convince me they have what it takes to actually run a G8 country, although they do have some policies I like. I'd be happy with a Liberal minority supported by Layton and the NDP's.