Sharkoon's "Golf Ball" Inspired Case-Fan

Wednesday Sharkoon revealed the 140-mm Silent Eagle 800 fan, the latest addition to its "Silent Eagle" case fan series. What makes this particular series unique is that the rotor blades have the surface texture of a golf ball. Although the fan certainly won't help with your golf swing, the small, round dimples are said to increase the amount of airflow by reducing drag. [as proven by The Mythbusters--Ed.]

"The Sharkoon Silent Eagle 800 rotates at 800 rpm, moving 93.85 cubic meters of air per hour while at a noise level of 12.4 decibels," the company said in a press release. "The power usage is rated at 0.1 amps and 12 volts. The white propeller and black frame case fan rotates in a rugged metal bearing and weighs 162 grams."

The company said that the fan can be connected to the power supply or motherboard. Also included with the fan is a 3pin/4pin adapter cable, a 3pin connector cable protected by a rubber hose, and a separate cable for monitoring the number of revolutions. To help with the noise reduction, four fan screws and rubber bolts are also supplied.

The Silent Eagle 800 is one of many models offered in the Silent Eagle series. Other than this 140-mm version, consumers can also purchase an illuminated LED model or the SE version which includes a modular cable system.

  • kalogagatya
    hum.. these have been around for quite some time!
  • Where is the silent eagle series available in the US? I emailed Sharkoon just the other day and only the SE series is available in the US, and they rotate about 40% slower than the Silent Eagle 2000 (120mm models being compared.)
  • weepee
    this reminds me of the myth buster episode where the "golf ball" the exterior of a car which ends up actually upping the gas mileage.
  • zorky9
    "93.85 cubic meters of air per hour"
    55 CFM. typical of 140mm fans at 800rpm. not too impressive. but quiet.
  • Wolygon
    I really don't think this applies to fans considering they have a sharp cut off. If you follow the air movement on the fan, tell me how it is going to reduce air resistance. More likely it will increase considering the dimples are going to slow the air down (which is the whole point of them). However I'm thinking that because this gives it more air resistance it is better, since it acts like a physically bigger fan.
  • SchizoFrog
    WTF? I have have Sharkoon's Golf Ball design fans for years... Maybe these are new low power, low speed, even lower noise editions but the story shouldn't focus on the design as that is the one part that isn't new!
  • @the_punkinator

    Anyone can Google the concept and find the article you're paraphrasing:

    It's usually a good idea to understand it from a possible point of view instead of reading the article trying to use it to justify a pre-convieved idea that MythBusters are morons.
  • boris152
    The concept doesn't apply to airfoils.
  • edit* Thanks for clearing that up with the comment edit :)
  • ares1214
    batwing design FTW!