CeBIT 2008: Corsair Shows off Modular 1000W PSUs

Memory company Corsair is trying to break into other markets as well. In addition to DDR3-2000 memory that is only relevant to extreme overclockers, the company also unveiled its new HDX family of PSUs with an output of up to 1000 Watts at CeBIT. Now Corsair is playing in the big league.

According to Corsair, the power supplies were developed by engineers specifically hired for this job. By comparison, many other companies simply reuse existing designs. It remains to be seen how efficient the HDX1000 will really be in practice. At any rate, Corsair has yet to implement a flexible design with lanes that can be activated and deactivated dynamically as needed similar to power phases on motherboards and Foxconn’s G1 Green PC. Foxconn hopes to achieve even better efficiency with this dynamic PSU design.

Due to customer request, the cable set of the HDX1000 is modular. It offers a wide rango of connectivity ranging from Molex connectors (5.25" and 3.5" drives) and SATA power connectors to six-pin AUX connectors for PCI-Express graphics cards. While we don’t have any concrete information on pricing yet, we expect a price tag of more than €150 [$230] to be realistic.