CeBIT 2008: A MSI Laptop That Ionizes Air

There really isn't anything new when it comes to laptops at this year's CES. The relatively important gap between this show and the next Centrino launch (Montevina, in June) is to blame. This is however the occasion for MSI to show us its prototypes create some buzz rather than display something that's meant to be sold (let's remember the laptops that had solar panels two years ago).

So what's original at the manufacturer's booth? A laptop that owns an air ionizer. The objective of those machines that were quite popular some years ago, is to increase the proportion of negative ions in the air, which characterizes a cleaner air. This ionizes is found next to the fan that evacuates the heat concentrated on the laptop's heat sink. MSI used an ion sensor just in front of it to highlight the higher concentration of ions at the rear of the machine.

The manufacturer explanation that the laptop creates an ionized air bubble around the laptop and the demo isn't really convincing. Of course the small fan can't purify a whole room, but the fan isn't directed towards the user. One just has to actually measure the real difference felt by a user and how more ionized is the air. The manufacturer does add that there's a dust, sterilization and deodorant filter. Even with all this, we doubt that the PR-620 will see the light of day, except maybe in Japan.

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