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Daily Deals: $400 Off HP TouchSmart and More

As usual, a big thanks to our partners Logic Buy for sponsoring this post. Be sure to let us know if you take advantage of any of these deals and how it works out for you!

Logitech 25% Off

G9X Laser Gaming Mouse for $99.99 - 25% off = $74.99 plus free shipping.

Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard for $199.99 - $50 instant savings = $149.99 plus free shipping.

Logitech Gaming Mouse G500 for $69.99 $59.99 - $15 instant savings = $44.99 plus free shipping.

Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX for $79.99 - $20 off = $59.99 plus free shipping.

Logitech Performance Mouse MX for $99.99 - $25 off = $74.99 plus free shipping.


Samsung 24-inch 2494SW 1080p LCD Monitor for $259.99 - 20% off coupon code (expires 11/11 or after first 1,500 uses) = $207.99 plus free shipping.

Samsung 23-inch 1080p LCD Monitor for $229.99 – 20% off Coupon = $183.99 with free shipping.

Samsung 2494SW 24-inch 1080p LCD monitor with Logitech Desktop MK300 Keyboard & Mouse bundle for $279.99 – 20% off Coupon = $223.99 with free shipping.


Dell Vostro 2.6GHz Slim PC with 24-inch Samsung LCD Monitor, Windows 7 for $805 - $356 instant savings = $449 + $35 shipping.


Dell Studio XPS 13-inch Laptop w/Windows 7 for $1,552.00 – 25% coupon = $1,164.00  and free shipping.

Dell Studio XPS 16-inch Laptop w/Windows 7 - 25% off and free shipping.

HP TouchSmart tx2z 12.1-inch 2.4GHz Convertible Laptop Multi-touch w/Windows 7 for $1,299.99 - $200 stackable coupon on top of $200 instant discount = $899 and free shipping.


Guitar Hero 5 + Wireless Guitar [XBOX 360] for $99.99 - $30 instant savings = $69.99 plus FREE shipping.

  • coonday
    I'm liking all of these new deals articles. Keep them coming.
  • shadow187
    The vostro ended a few days ago, BUM.
  • Adroid
    Yea compare amazon and newegg, got better prices there on some of that stuff.

    I really appreciate the posts though too. Especially like that wallmart 360 deal that was a deal I would have never seen.
  • I like the deals on Logic Buy. There are always new deals and the community is awesome
  • buwish
    Even with the $200 off, I still don't trust those touchsmarts after my first one over heated itself into oblivion.
  • bustapr
    The dell vostro looks awesome!
  • holy crap TomsHardware I love YOUUU!! Keep these posts coming!!
  • anamaniac
    I'm actually starting to like these deals you're posting.
    Keep up the good work. =D
  • presidenteody
    thank you for posting these deals