AMD-Based Chuwi Mini-PC Uses Same Motherboard as Xbox One S

(Image credit: Chuwi)

Chuwi revealed the AeroBox last month, but a representative from the company recently confessed to TechRadar Pro that the mini-PC bears an identical motherboard to the Xbox One S.

AMD makes a lot of custom-tailored CPUs for its partners, some of which don't have official model names. Such is the case with Microsoft's Xbox One gaming consoles, which pack AMD processors. All eyes are currently on the upcoming Xbox Series X on the way, but Chuwi's latest mini-PC could be using the same AMD chip as the Xbox One S.

As a quick recap, the Xbox One S features a custom octa-core processor that's comprised of two Jaguar Compute Units (CUs) that each sport up to four CPU cores. The chip checks in at 1.75 GHz. On the graphics side, the APU has 768 shaders running at 914 MHz to deliver 1,404 GFLOPS of peak single-precision (FP32) performance.

Chuwi sells the AeroBox workstation with an AMD A9-9820 that seemingly tops out at 2.35 GHz. The AeroBox likely has more thermal headroom as opposed to the Xbox One, which would allow the APU can operate at higher clock speeds. However, Chuwi pairs the A9-9820 with a Radeon R7 350 discrete graphics card, suggesting that the manufacturer could be using salvaged chips that don't meet the requirements for the Xbox One S. The Radeon R7 350 brings 512 shaders running up to 935 MHz, which peak to 957.4 GFLOPS of FP32 performance. 

Thanks to the higher-clocked processor, the AeroBox might offer more raw processing power, which comes in handy for office and productivity usage, than the gaming console. But the workstation's graphics performance won't be anywhere close to that of the Xbox One S. The math shows that that Xbox One S should deliver up to 46.6% higher FP32 performance than the AeroBox.

The AeroBox will only be available in Japan at launch. Chuwi still hasn't put a price on the mini-PC yet.

Zhiye Liu
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