Natural Disasters Expansion For 'Cities: Skylines' Now Available

Cities: Skylines provides the tools for to create the metropolis of your dreams. Now its latest expansion, Natural Disasters, will make your well-built city vulnerable to the unpredictable forces of Mother Nature.

Natural Disasters introduces a few ways for your city to go down. There are deadly thunderstorms, sinkholes that swallow whole buildings, powerful tsunamis, and even a fiery barrage of meteors. However, you still have the opportunity to save the lives of your citizens through multiple methods such as early warning systems, shelters, and the use of helicopters from emergency services teams to reach those who are nearly unable to escape the devastating effects of the disaster. There’s also a new radio network that can help spread the news to your citizens about any incoming disasters.

In addition to the expansion, the developers also released a free update, which includes the Scenario Editor. This allows you to create your own set of challenges for other players. You can change multiple facets of your scenario, such as a time limit as well as win-and-loss conditions. Natural Disasters also includes five pre-built scenarios for those looking for even higher levels of difficulty. Cities: Skylines was previously updated with an After Dark expansion that introduced day-night cycles. After Dark was released in August 2015; this new release shows the developers' commitment to the project.

Natural Disasters costs $15 at launch.

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NameCities: SkylinesNatural Disasters
DeveloperColossal OrderColossal Order
PublisherParadox InteractiveParadox Interactive
PlatformsPC, MacPC, Mac
Where To BuyParadox StoreSteamAmazonParadox StoreSteam
Release DateMarch 10, 2015November 29, 2016