COBURNS iPad Stand May Be Fastest Delivered Physical Kickstarter Product

Over the last couple of years, we've seen some pretty amazing products come out of Kickstarter. The only downside to crowd funding is that we tend to get excited about products that won't be on the market for quite a while. Still, it doesn't have to take months or years for a product to go from funded to shipped. If your product is simple and easy to produce, you can get it into backers' hands within a week or so.

One company in Utah is hoping to claim the record for fastest delivered Kickstarter project. The folks at FINEGRAIN have designed a unique iPad stand made of two small pieces of beautiful, polished wood. The COBURNS iPad stand is small, compact, elegant, affordable, and FINEGRAIN's founders hope to ship it just five days after their Kickstarter campaign draws to a close.

FINEGRAIN's campaign launched just last week, on November 12, and has already met its goal of $5,000 twice over. The campaign will come to a close on December 5 and co-founder Eric Rea reckons they're in with a change for snagging the title for fastest delivered physical Kickstarter product.

"From our research, there have been a couple of physical product projects that have delivered within a month, but we will have all of our rewards shipped out within five days of the project ending."

The COBURNS iPad stand costs $19 and is available in Birdseye Maple or Pau Ferro. That price includes shipping within the U.S. The stand can be ordered to fit the first/second gen iPad Mini, the iPad 3, the iPad 4, and the iPad Air.

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  • UVB076
    Is it just me or are those literally two pieces of wood?
  • Spooderman
    It's like paying for bottled water with no need. You could easily make that yourself.
  • bustapr
    well kickstarters main goal IS to be a tool to help manufacturers and people in general distribute a product. these look easy enough to make and they say they already have manufacturing and all that stuff secured.

    it does looks pretty. Also, Im kind of skeptical of how two pieces of glossy wood would keep the tablet from sliding downward. the price is baffling for a stand, but it IS made in USA.
  • InvalidError
    Some people do not have the time, tools or dexterity to handle even simple crafts like those.
  • InvalidError
    11976807 said:
    Im kind of skeptical of how two pieces of glossy wood would keep the tablet from sliding downward.
    Pressure and friction should prevent it from sliding. I would be more worried about the thin wood strips holding up against the strain being put along the wood grain: wood usually splits very easily along the grain unless they laminated it with alternate grain orientations like plywood to strengthen it.
  • Unolocogringo
    Both of the woods mentioned a very tight grained and hard.
    You would most likely break your pad before you broke the wood.
    Especially the Pau Ferro or Brazilian iron wood. It is so dence that you can not drive a screw or nail in it. You have to predrill holes then insert your nail or screw. Also if dropped in the water it sinks.
  • elmo2006
    This is akin to selling used plastic diapers on eBay.
  • itchyisvegeta
    It's so simple....

    I like it!
  • f-14
    is it just me or are these wooden stands with a harder than iApple glass a soon to be failure in physics to all who buy these or make something similar in their own home.

    rock paper scissors okay now think wood vs glass now if one were to bump or push hard enough won't eh screen crack at the very least and just flat out break if something hits these stand just so causing compressive force to be delivered to glass.

    if these were made out of soft rubber or plastic maybe they might have a chance, but wood. take a pyrex glass and drop a wodden shelf on it.

    now keep repeating that about 30 times as that will be about what happens to the iApple's glass screen in the first 2 weeks to a month. every time those wooden legs get bumped the wrong way.
  • shahrooz
    3D print it :D