Place Your Votes For The Tom's Hardware VR Ready And Steam Machine Community Builds

It’s now time for you, the members of the Tom’s Hardware community, to cast your vote on three types of system builds created by your peers. Specifically, these custom systems fit under two categories: VR Ready builds and Steam Machines.

With virtual reality headsets shipping to customers, some people want to upgrade their current builds or build an entirely new system altogether. You will vote for a VR Ready build in two categories: systems under $750 and those under $2,500. Considering the requirements for VR, the $750 bracket was a challenge for builders, and you’ll have to choose between two builds. The $2,500 category was somewhat easier, as each builder had more financial room to pick their parts, so you have five configurations to choose from.

We also have to crown a top build for custom Steam Machines under the $1,000 mark. You’ll have to choose from three builds. If you remember, our Best PC Builds already included a Steam Machine build for $600, so these new systems allow for more powerful hardware for your favorite Steam games.

So what happens to the winners in each bracket? The winning builds will be added to our Best PC Builds page for all to see. Voting ends next Tuesday, May 3 at 11:59pm PDT. Good luck to the candidates!

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