Cooler Master Unveils New AIO Coolers, Open Loop Concept

Cooler Master MasterLiquid IIon
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Cooler Master is rolling out a ton of different products at Computex 2023, not the least of which are its new CPU coolers. At the company's suite, it showed off two new 360mm AIOs, along with a concept design for an open-loop cooling system, a market it hasn't touched before.

The Cooler Master MasterLiquid 360 Ion (shown above) features a 2.1-inch LCD screen on the pump that can display system information such as your CPU temperature or decorative images and animations. It has three Mobius 120P ARGB fans and a dual-chamber pump. When we saw it at the Cooler Master suite, it was part of an impressively colorful open-air build (shown in the pic above). We particularly like the hexagonal shape of the pump cover and that there are RGB lights around the screen.

The MasterLiquid 360 Atmos doesn't have a screen, but it does have a customizable pump cover where you can replace the top with your own 3D-printed top. The default pump cover is made with recycled plastics, a first for Cooler Master. The pump itself has The three 120mm fans are SickleFlow Edge ARGB fans, which promise quiet cooling and vibrant colors. 

Cooler Master's MasterLoop is a concept series of products that would be, if produced, a complete lineup of open loop cooling components. At the suite, we saw a number of fittings, a radiator, a pump, tubes and water blocks for both CPUs and graphics cards. We particularly liked the bright color scheme on the water blocks. All of the pieces match Cooler Master's aesthetic, with matte chrome fittings and the logo on a silver background on the water blocks.

Cooler Master also used the open-loop cooling system in two sample PC builds. Both had two different sets of pumps and water blocks inside of it, along with attractive purple and blue coolants. 

We don't know yet whether Cooler Master will be actually be coming out with the MasterLoop line, but if it does, the company will  undoubtedly encourage more builders to use open loop cooling. 

There's also no word yet on pricing or availability for the MasterLiquid 360 Atmos and MasterLiquid 360 Ion.

Paul Alcorn
Managing Editor: News and Emerging Tech

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