Cooler Master Intros First 850W SFX Power Supply

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

Cooler Master introduced a record-setting power supply at CES 2020 with the 850W version of its new SFX Gold PSU. The company also introduced the V Gold V2 and the V Bronze series of power supplies, both of which will feature a variety of wattages to appeal to wide audiences, and it said it expects to release all the new PSUs this year.

Record-Setting 850W SFX PSU? Yes Please

The 850W SFX Gold unit is, of course, the one that caught our attention. 850W is a very impressive figure, but we're curious about what kind of SFF system one could configure that would require such an immense amount of power... Did someone tell Cooler Master that there would be a Mini-ITX motherboard coming for AMD Threadripper CPUs? Because if so, we haven't heard of it yet.

The SFX Gold units come equipped with an 80mm cooling fan with a fluid-dynamic bearing and will feature a fully modular design that allows users to remove all the cables and connect only those that they need. It will also come in lower power ratings, starting at 550W and increasing with 100W increments.

Cooler Master will offer these units starting at $110 for the 550W version, with the 850W version costing not all that much more at just $140, and the 10-year warranty is a much-appreciated cherry on top. Availability is slated for Q1 2020.

V Gold V2 and V Bronze For Bigger Systems

The V Gold series is getting updated to a version 2, which adds a white color option and a second EPS connector to hook up to recent motherboards that also come with two of these connectors. Pricing will range from $90 for the 550W version up to $120 for the 850W variant. Availability is scheduled for Q2 2020.

The V Bronze series is for more basic systems or those who don't care as much about efficiency. It also comes with a fully modular design, an included 120mm fan with a fan-off mode, and a 5-year warranty. Pricing will range from $69 to $90 for the 550W to 750W versions, respectively. Availability can be expected in Q3 2020.

For the time being, that's all the information Cooler Master has revealed.

Niels Broekhuijsen

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