Cooler Master's New MasterGel Is the Wide Mouth Can of the Thermal Paste World

Cooler Master is revamping its MasterGel series of high-performance thermal paste with a new line featuring a slogan that asks "Why copy paste... when you can swipe?" That's right, the new thermal paste is meant to be swiped -- or spread -- across your CPU's IHS.  

(Image credit: Cooler Master)

There are many methods to apply thermal paste to a CPU. If you're not good at spreading thermal paste evenly, Cooler Master's renewed MasterGel can do the work for you. The syringe features a flat-nozzle head that allows you to spread the thermal paste almost effortlessly. Say goodbye to spreading thermal paste with a credit card or smudging it with your finger. Cooler Master's implementation is so simple that we're surprised no other brand has thought of it before. 

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ModelThermal ConductivitySpecific GravityVolume
MasterGel Maker11 (W/mK)2.6 (g/cm³) (25°C)1.5ml
MasterGel Pro8 (W/mK)2.6 (g/cm³) (25°C)1.5ml
MasterGel Regular5 (W/mK)2.6 (g/cm³) (25°C)1.5ml

Cooler Master's announcement today didn't fully detail whether the new MasterGel thermal paste is produced any differently from its predecessor. The previous MasterGel thermal paste is made from nanodiamond particles. It isn't electrically conductive and doesn't require any curing time. The product pages do say that the new thermal pastes use "nanoscale" technology for "high conductivity and high anti-erosion" and can also be used with graphics cards

The latest MasterGel thermal paste is available in three different tiers. The MasterGel Maker boasts a thermal conductivity of 11 W/mK, while the MasterGel Pro and MasterGel Regular are certified for 8 W/mK and 5 W/mK, respectively. Cooler Master lists the MasterGel with a specific gravity (just a fancy way to refer to density) of 2.6 g/cm³. 

Regardless of the model, the MasterGel thermal paste comes inside a small 1.5ml syringe. It also comes with a cleaning cloth so that you can clean old thermal paste off or any thermal paste left over after applying the MasterGel.

Cooler Master didn't reveal the pricing or availability for the MasterGel Masker, Pro and Regular thermal paste.

Zhiye Liu
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  • Zaporro
    Aaaaaaand BS! Grizzly Kryonaut had a flat head tip on their thermal compound syringine from long time ago
    "Cooler Master's implementation is so simple that we're surprised no other brand has thought of it before. "

    Tom's Hardware low effort journalism strikes again, they don't even bother on veryfing marketing BS spread by companies.
  • apone
    Wouldn't this end up with several layers of gushing thermal paste over the CPU after a couple of "swipes"? The idea behind applying a small thermal paste dot and spreading it around is to ensure an even paper-thin distribution while completely covering the CPU . Also you don't need to use a credit card or your fingers. Just cut a 3 x 5 index card in half and fold it origami-style so you have a stiff rectangle applicator with at least one right angle.