Cooler Master Unveils its Nepton AIO Liquid Coolers

Cooler Master has launched two new CPU liquid coolers, the Nepton 140XL (RL-N14X-20PK-R1) and 280L (RL-N28L-20PK-R1). These coolers feature 140 mm and 280 mm aluminum radiators and are rated for an impressive heat dispersion of 300W.

Both coolers are factory filled and sealed "for immediate installation," including a thumb screw based tool-free mounting kit that supports virtually all recent AMD / Intel sockets and are advertised to provide "maintenance free operation" for the entire length of the pump's 70,000 hour lifespan.

Also included are "robust and extra thick FEP tubing" and a pair of Cooler Master JetFlo 140 mm PWM fans with a range of 800 to 2000 RPM and are capable of moving between 54 and 122.2 CFM of air.

Although Cooler Master has yet to provide final details on the Nepton 140XL's and 280L's pricing and availability, both CPU coolers are listed for "back order" on NCIX for $99.99 and $109.99, respectively.

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  • spidey81
    ummm...shouldn't this read "Cooler Master Unveils its AIO Nepton Liquid Coolers for PCs"? I didn't see anything in the description showing how these are specifically made for AIO computers.
  • stewartwb
    I'm guessing it's an All-In-One liquid cooler for PCs - the cooler is a complete sealed system for rapid installation.
  • spidey81
    Yeah, that's what I was getting at. Funny how just transposing that changes the meaning of the whole article.