Cooler Master Intros V Semi-Modular Series PSUs

Cooler Master announced on Wednesday the launch of its V Semi-Modular (VSM) Series power supplies, arriving in 550W ($89.99), 650W ($99.99), and 750W ($109.99) ratings. The company suggests that the V550 model is perfect for Mini-ITX machines, the V650 for the mainstream powerhouse, and the V750 for PC gamers.

"Cooler Master builds for what you need. VSM power supplies feature a design that allows you to only connect cables that your system requires," states the PR. "Fewer cables mean less mess and better airflow inside your case. Nobody likes trying to figure out what to do with that bundle of extra cables and with a VSM power supply, you won't have to."

According to the company, these power supplies feature 100 percent Japanese high-quality capacitors, a high 80 PLUS Gold efficiency, semi-modular cables for easy maintenance, and an advanced DC-DC design. These units also have a typical efficiency of 90 percent, an MTBF of less than 100,000 hours, and a 120 mm Double Ball Bearing (DBB) fan. They're even rather small, measuring 140 mm long compared to the typical 160 mm length.

With the release of these three PSUs, Cooler Master is also introducing its Gold Guarantee.

"The Cooler Master Gold Guarantee standard means that, no matter what, we believe in our new line of 80 PLUS Gold power supplies to be the best choice for your next build," states the PR. "While we stand behind all of our products with warranty coverage, technical support, replacements, and parts services, the Gold Guarantee takes it to the next level with full support and replacement on our dime for 5 years -- giving you extreme confidence in quality and performance."

For more information about the V Semi-Modular series, head here. In addition to Cooler Master's online store and Newegg, these three PSUs will also be made available soon at Amazon and TigerDirect.

  • ferooxidan
    if the v550 is perfect for mini-itx machine, will it fit Silverstone RVZ01 case or ML07 case?
  • maurelie
    Bought the V550S 2 months ago in Europe, and i am very satisfied. It is very good PSU, dead silent while idle and load, stable rails across all the V range, 5 year warranty, semi modular and 80+ Gold certificate.
    I would recommend to any PC user, not only the 550W version, but all the VSM range.
  • CM Norumu
    if the v550 is perfect for mini-itx machine, will it fit Silverstone RVZ01 case or ML07 case?
    The VSM PSUs are standard ATX form factor PSUs. The Silverstone cases you mentioned require SFX form factor according to their spec pages