Silent Flux to Run Over the Cooler Market?

Noiselimit has been around for a while. Its Silent Flux Media and Silent Flux ATX products are available for AMD Live home cinema systems (Silent Flux Media used for the AMD Maui reference design) and for desktop systems of all kinds. Both coolers are based on a closed circuit, which is filled with a special liquid that boils as early as right above room temperature. The liquid then evaporates into the circuit, which leads into the large radiator where it cools down and returns to a liquid state. This technology is referred to as Bubble Pump Cooling because of the boiling liquid.

Now, Noiselimit is working on a cooling solution for desktop enthusiasts. The massive thermal solution is meant to be installed into desktop systems, and it provides substantially more efficient cooling than the existing products. The air ducts make sure that other components such as the motherboard northbridge and the memory are cooled by the thermal unit as well. We’ll be waiting for a first sample.

  • lopopo
    It's really just a big heat pipe. Going into the desktop enthusiasts market will be interesting.
  • piratepast40
    But isn't boiling an advanced concept for the heatpipe system? In reading the article, it appears that latent heat of vaporization takes the liquid to a gas instead of staying a liquid as in the common heatpipe cooler we normally see. I could be wrong but thought that's what they were talking about.