Geekbench Results Appear For Eight-Core Tiger Lake-H Processor

11th Generation Tiger Lake CPU
(Image credit: Intel)

Performance results for Intel's unreleased eight-core Tiger Lake-H parts are already being posted online. Benchleaks shared Geekbench 5 scores of the upcoming Core i7-11800H Tiger Lake-H CPU with impressive results.

Rumor has it that the Core i7-11800H will be one of Intel's beefy 45W Tiger Lake-H parts featuring eight cores and 16 threads to compete with the likes of AMD's Ryzen 7 5800H. Like Intel's current U-series and H35 products, the eight-core Tiger Lake variants will feature Intel's latest Willow Cove cores powered by the 10nm SuperFin architecture, allowing for up to 20% higher clock speeds than the previous models. 

Strangely we have not just one, but three Geekbench results for the i7-11800H. Presumably, this was done to attain a more realistic Geekbench 5 result, as executing multiple benchmark runs and averaging the results can be more realistic than running a benchmark a single time. 

When we average the three results together, the i7-11700H managed a single-threaded score of 1474 points and a multi-threaded score of 8116 points. That makes the i7-11800H around 15% faster than its predecessor, the Core i7-10875H, suggesting a healthy gen-on-gen performance improvement.

However, if we compare the i7-11800H to the best Ryzen 7 5800H Geekbench 5 scores, that puts the 5800H and 11800H within 2% of each other. That lands within the margin of error, so we can safely say that both chips offer similar performance in Geekbench 5.

If these results are true, then Intel is poised to make a major comeback in the notebook segment, finally catching up to AMD's impressive Zen 3 notebook processors.

Aaron Klotz
Freelance News Writer

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