Corsair, OCZ intro new DDR modules

Corsair Memory said it has begun shipping a PC3200 CAS2 model of the blinking "Xpert" series memory modules. The new model is named TwinXP1024-3200C2 and represents a matched pair of 512 MByte DDR DIMMs.

According to the manufacturer, the devices are tested at PC3200 speeds at 2-3-3-6 latency settings on Intel platforms and at 2.5-3-3-6 latencies on AMD platforms. Pricing information has not been released.

Competitor OCZ also announced an addition to its product line. Expanding the existing "Voltage eXtreme DDR" series, the company announced the PC-4000 Gold VX DDR module. Running at 3.3 volts, the device maintains stable timings of 2-2-2, OCZ claimed.

The Gold VX series also includes a proprietary technology that improves latency, according to the manufacturer. The PC-4000 version is available in 515 MByte and 1 GByte configurations. Pricing information has not been released. (THG)