Dueling memory companies to roll out fast and faster DDR2 memory at CeBIT

Corsair will be launching their newest and fastest RAM at the upcoming Cebit show in Germany. Intel users can purchase the Twin2x1024-8500 DDR2 RAM which runs at 1066 Mhz, while AMD fans can buy the Twinx2048-4400Pro which clocks in at 550 Mhz.

Using specially screened Infineon C-rev RAM chips, these new high-speed memory modules breath new life into DDR2. Last August, at the Intel Developers Forum, both Elpida and Hynix showed off their DDR3 modules. DDR3 promises to reach 1333 Mhz and 1600 Mhz speeds, but Intel does expect it to become widely used until mid 2009, giving DDR2 several years of life.

The XMS2-8500 is available in 1 GB kits, while the XMS-4400PRO is available in 2 GB kits. Corsair’s Pro line of memory modules include integrated heatsinks and activity LEDs along the top ridge of the module.

OCZ Technology will also show off some fast memory at CeBIT. 1000 Mhz DDR2 RAM will be introduced in both regular and overclocker-friendly Extreme editions. OCZ’s memory will be available in 512 MB, 1 GB and 2 GB dual channel kits.