Corsair Extends Select PSU Warranties From 7 Years To 10 To Compete With EVGA

Corsair is escalating its battle with EVGA by increasing the warranties on all of its high-end PSU lines from 7 years to 10 years. So far, EVGA is the only company to provide a 10-year warranty to select (high-end) models, and apparently Corsair didn't want to let that stand uncontested any longer. Perhaps we'll soon see other companies follow suit.

Effective today, all current and future Corsair AXi, HXi, RMi and RMx PSUs will have three additional years of warranty with no extra registration or action required by customers. The extended warranty is granted worldwide and applies only to the above four lines. The warranty of all other Corsair PSUs remains unchanged.

As you will notice, the affected high-end units are made by Flextronics and CWT, two companies with which Corsair has very close ties. Strangely enough, the high-end AX models (AX760 and AX860), which are made by Seasonic, aren't included into this warranty extension program, probably because Corsair didn't settle on terms with their manufacturer for the extended support. 

The following PSU lines are included into this warranty extension program, effective immediately.

  • AXi Series (7 ->10 years)
  • HXi Series (7 -> 10 years)
  • RMi Series (7 -> 10 years)
  • RMx Series (7 -> 10 years)

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  • turkey3_scratch
    It's about time they made this official. This was actually changed a while back, but just now Corsair seems to acknowledge it publicly.

    The RM550x and RM650x now have a higher warranty than the EVGA 550 G2 and 650 G2. The 550 G2 and 650 G2 are 7 years, RM550x and RM650x are 10 years.
  • Dark Lord of Tech
    I have 2 EVGA 850 T2's on the way and 2 RM550X for some builds coming soon can't wait.
  • eklipz330
    i purchased an hx750 in 2009... eligible still?