Corsair's First Gaming Chair Debuts At CES

We noticed a new product at Corsair's CES suite: a gaming chair. It's still an ongoing project, but it's a new venture from the company. This seems to be an increasingly popular category for many companies, in fact, and it makes sense given that a comfortable chair is an essential accessory for all serious gamers, or really for anyone doing hours of work on a PC.

Corsair's new gaming series will be called T1 Race, and the company said it was designed by the same people who design and make seats for racing cars. Of course cars have functional and safe seats, but comfort isn't always a first priority. For these chairs, however, the designers most likely followed a different approach regarding comfort.

The chair's chassis is made of steel for durability, and the 4D side arms are made of high quality plastic, featuring a carbon fiber look and finish. Moreover, the chair uses PU material for the areas that come in contact with your body, instead of leather, which is much more expensive. Because of this design choice (PU instead of leather), the MSRP will be kept at normal levels for a good gaming chair: around $350. Often, good leather chairs easily exceed $500, and apparently Corsair wanted to keep the cost within reach of more people in the gamer community.

The T1 Race gaming chair is almost ready. The only part that still holding back Corsair is the choice of the caster wheels, which is crucial for any chair, not only the gaming ones.

We tried the chair and it felt comfortable, but our time with it was brief--too brief to form a complete opinion, for sure. We don't have any information on when this product will be available just yet.

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  • Th3pwn3r
    I hope they have different sizes. Anyone with any love handles is going to hate these racing buckets...hope they have different colors/no colors as well.
  • sylvez
    Looks like a guy relaxing with his arms around the back of his head with VR headset on
  • soccerdude84
    I don't know why every gaming chair has to have dumb flaps on either side of the seat and backrest, all they do is limit your freedom of movement. Unless you're actually playing a racing sim you're better off with an ergonomic chair.