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The Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair Enters The Track

Corsair seems to want to get its hands on every aspect of the PC market, with products ranging from cases, memory, and power supplies inside a desktop PC, to accessories such as mice, keyboards, and headsets on the desk itself. Today, the company launched the T1 Race, a racing inspired gaming chair.

When we first encountered the Corsair T1 Race earlier this year at CES, the product was very much close to completion. Corsair was still deciding what wheels to use; it eventually settled for nylon caster wheels in the final product. The seat’s shape is heavily inspired by racing chairs, a typical aesthetic you’ll find on the majority of gaming chairs. The surface features polyurethane (synthetic) leather as well as PU leather pillows for neck and lumbar support. Carbon fiber-esque embellishments adorn the sides of the seat and the armrests.

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Speaking of, the armrests feature 4D adjustment, meaning you can move them up and down, forward andbackward, side to side, and even twist them at an angle. To adjust the height, the T1 Race includes a gas lift, while the seat itself can tilt upwards by 10° and recline up to 180° (completely flat).

The Corsair T1 Race is available now for $350, putting it in direct competition with several models from DXRacer. The T1 Race comes in black, blue, red, yellow, and white.

ProductT1 Race
Height AdjustmentMaximum seat height: 42cm Minimum seat height: 32cm
Armrest AdjustmentMaximum arm height: 38cmMinimum arm height: 28cm
Backrest DimensionsBackrest height: 95cmBackrest shoulder width: 56cm