Corsair Withdraws Products In China Due To Packaging Misprint

Corsair HQ
Corsair HQ (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Corsair (via Harukaze5719) has issued a statement on its Weibo account concerning a printing error on the packaging of some products in the Chinese market. The company proceeded to launch an investigation and later recalled the affected products from various Chinese retailers.

When Chinese customers who purchased Corsair products discovered that the packaging had the wrong country of production, the problem came about. Corsair led up an investigation on the matter after receiving several user complaints and found all of them to be true. Harukaze5719 believes the packaging said "Made in Taiwan" instead of "Made in China," but we haven't confirmed the speculation.

It's uncertain which products are affected since we still see many Corsair products at major Chinese online retailers, such as keyboards, headsets, and cases.

Corsair has apologized to its Chinese consumers and has since taken all the affected products off store shelves to rectify the issue.

You can find a machine translation of Corsair's original statement below:

Recently, some complainants reported that the packaging and printers of Corsair products had made printing errors in the country of production and production area. After the company's timely investigation, the printing problems reported by consumers are all true. For this incident caused by the negligence of product description review, our company is deeply sorry and hereby expresses our sincere apologies to most consumers. We have already taken it off the shelves and ordered relevant personnel to check all existing related products and deal with them immediately. There will never be any situation that is inconsistent with the objective facts.

As a result, I apologize again for the misunderstanding and inconvenience caused by the majority of loyal consumers, and once again sincerely appreciate the supervision and support of Henna from all walks of life.

Aaron Klotz
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Aaron Klotz is a freelance writer for Tom’s Hardware US, covering news topics related to computer hardware such as CPUs, and graphics cards.

  • derekullo
    Troll move from Corsair!
  • DRagor
    I call big fat BS. Tell me how an average consumer can determine that product labeled as "made in X" was actually not made in X?
  • Historical Fidelity
    DRagor said:
    I call big fat BS. Tell me how an average consumer can determine that product labeled as "made in X" was actually not made in X?
    No no no, the problem is that according to Chinese people and the CCP, there is only one China which means that Taiwan (otherwise known as the Republic of China IE the remnants of the pro democracy government of China that was overthrown and forced to retreat to the island of Taiwan shortly after ww2 by the pro communist revolutionaries) is not a country and by saying “made in Taiwan” is deeply insulting and offensive to mainland Chinese who believe Taiwan is nothing more than a rogue state of mainland China. Their anti-Taiwan stance is so bad that only a few countries in the world actually recognize Taiwan as a country out of fear that mainland China will retaliate.
  • Findecanor
    I don't watch movies with John Cena in it either.
  • Co BIY
    The incredible success of Taiwan as a free Chinese state is a direct challenge to the CCPs argument for the legitimacy of their despotic government as the only force that is able to bring modernization to China.
  • HyperMatrix
    Taiwan #1 🇹🇼
  • Arbie
    They should change it to say "Mad in China".
  • gggplaya
    Are you people trying to get on China's hit list, shhhhhh.. Don't say bad things about the CCP. Taiwan, what's that?