Corsair's blinking memory modules

Chicago (IL) - Following Crucial’s Balistix memory, Corsair now also offers memory modules with integrated LEDs to display memory activity and a personalized message.

True usability of light effects for DIMMs is certainly limited. There is however no denying that some visual enhancements for an otherwise plain memory design are convincing buying reasons for modders. Corsair’s new memory series listens to the name "Xpert" and complements the existing families XMS and ValueSelect as well as server memory modules.

The devices are available as 512 MByte DDR400 versions with CL2.0-2-2-5 timings. Other than the Crucial Ballistix that only reports memory activity through "chasing" LEDs, the Xpert can be used for scrolling text as known from electronic billboards. The functionality of the LED module can be configured to report RAM temperature, frequency, voltage and memory activity. If that is not enough, users can display any type of text across the board and rotate the scrolling text by 180 degrees.

The LED module offers two interfaces to connect to either side of the DIMM. The module however can only be attached to one DIMM at a time.

We were able to run first tests with Xpert devices and discovered that the LED modules will not work with every motherboard. For example, we were not able to get the software running in combination with an 865 board. This issue however could relate to the fact that we received so-called engineering samples that serve as a technology demo.

Corsair said that the modules "should be compatible with any PC3200 system, and the software should work with any Windows XP system". The company plans to officially announce and ship the Xpert memory line later this month.

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