Cougar's 300M Gaming Mouse Offers 7 Programmable Buttons, 3 Profiles for $39.99

Cougar already has three different options for their gaming mice, but it's adding another model to give customers a wider range of DPI settings. The 300M isn't exactly Cougar's highest-end gaming mouse, but it should satisfy gamers looking for a decent gaming mouse on a budget.

In terms of DPI, the lower-end 200M only offers a maximum setting of 2000 DPI with the ability to change it to either 800 or 1600 DPI. The new 300M has a maximum DPI of 4000, with DPI selections of 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, 2400, and 3200. The 300M has a polling rate of 1000 Hz / 1 ms, while the 200M only offers 125 Hz / 8 ms.

But the biggest difference is what's available for the 300M in terms of customization. Unlike the 200M, which has six buttons, the 300M features seven buttons and the ability to program different commands for each. In addition to the programmable buttons, the mouse also allows for three different profiles.

Multi-color LEDs are one of the most popular accessories for peripherals, and Cougar added it on the 300M, just like its two higher-end siblings, the 600M and 700M. You can customize the LED lighting so that a specific color identifies a certain DPI setting, as well as which profile is in use.

Cougar plans to sell the 300M in late April for $39.99, when it will be available in two colors: Sport Yellow and Sport Orange. For that price, the 300M might be the mouse for someone who is gaming on a budget. Multiple profiles allows customization for your favorite MMO, MOBA and RPG titles; there are a lot of DPI settings; and the LED lighting is a nice touch to personalize your mouse.

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  • Onus
    Arrrg, but no tilt-wheel; otherwise I'd probably buy one.
  • Larry Litmanen
    Where are the 7 buttons?
  • Cons29
    my own impression, the candy color kinda makes it look like a toy.

    my mouse has tilt but i have not used it much, maybe im just not used to having one