Crytek Launches Cryengine V And Cryengine Marketplace, Intros 'Pay What You Want' Pricing Model

At GDC, Crytek announced the release of the next generation of its famous Cryengine graphics engine. Cryengine V is available as of today, and Crytek is launching it with a completely new business model.

A new “Pay What You Want” pricing model will let developers around the world gain access to the full engine source code and entire feature set for whatever they can or want to pay. Crytek said that developers that take part will also have the option of contributing up to 70 percent of their fee to Crytek’s Indie Development Fund, which will in turn support indie developer projects around the world.

Crytek is also introducing the Cryengine Marketplace, which will give developers access to Crytek’s own asset library, as well as community contributed materials, sounds, and 3D objects that can be used to build their games.

“Community is at the heart of our Pay What You Want Model, which we hope will foster closer collaboration between us and developers as well as developers amongst themselves,” said Cevat Yerli, Crytek’s Founder, CEO & President.

Cryengine V includes support for the C# scripting language, which makes it easy for developers familiar with the language to start working in Cryengine. Integrated DirectX 12 should offer more control over the hardware, as well as improved performance of its Low Overhead Renderer in graphically intensive applications.

Cryengine V also introduced the Advanced Volumetric Cloud System, which “give clouds full 3D spatial rendering” with minimal performance impact, a new particle system that helps create real-time fluid effects, and more options for audio middleware with the addition of FMOD studio support. It also got a new user interface that Crytek said is more intuitive and streamlined.

Cryengine V is available today at the Cryengine website.

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  • MasterMace
    Too bad Crytek doesn't pay their employees
  • cats_Paw
    Looking forward to what it can do. I just hope its good enought to stop those constant console ports.
  • jtk77
    MasterMace, is that still going on? Thought that was over. Licensing for development of lumberyard from Amazon fixed their financial issues.
  • DeadlyDays
    One of the nice things is that all the money into star citizen is partly being fed back into the cryengine (obviously the license cost, but more importantly) as the SC devs are making and forcing updates on the cryengine(most of the stuff they do isn'tt fed back, but some are as they ask for more engine support or fix a bug in the engine) and improving it. Since SC is really pushing the engine requirements, that feeds back nicely into engine improvements(though I imagine they are low several key devs now lol)
    Some good and bad, but I like the c# scripting support, my fav language despite the .net libraries being almost required to use it.
  • Pailin
    Internal Server Error on attempt to register so I could download Cryengine. Will try again later...
  • doag
    They do they 'Pay Them What They Want'