Cryorig Reveals Customizable Fans, New Colors

Editor's Note: While Computex took place last week and all of the news announcements are behind us, we're still sorting through hundreds of in-person meetings and demonstrations, picking out just a few more of the most interesting items we saw up close.

Not only did Cryorig announce two new CPU coolers for the mid-range segment during Computex 2014, it also announced a new modular fan and showed off its product lineup in a whole range of new colors.

Let's start with the modular fan. The RIMS series fan is a customizable fan system. Buyers can choose which frame they want, which fan hub, and which blades they want mounted. There will be different variants of 120 mm and 140 mm frames. The fan hubs will differ in bearing types and RPM counts, while the blades will come in a whole number of different shapes. For example, some blades are shaped for higher airflow, while others are built for higher pressure. There might also be different color choices available.

Cryorig also showed off its R1, C1, and new H5 CPU coolers in different colors. The new colors included gold, orange, blue and red. Whether any of these would actually come to the market is far from certain. Cryorig simply had them made for Computex to see how people would like them. Would you like to see different color units hit the market?

Pricing for the RIMS series fans will, of course, vary according to your tastes, although the product is still in an early design phase so we can't even really offer a price range. It will be a while before the fans come to the market.

Oh, and Cryorig also indicated that a couple of years down the road it might start working on PC enclosures and more, although that would strongly depend on how business goes. It would be great to see a case with the typical Cryorig design.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • universal remonster
    I think the modular fan idea is great. The one thing that can separate a great company from the rest is giving its customers many options, quality, and value. That being said, they would need to be sure that the modular option can still be sold at a reasonable price, and that when assembled is just as solid of build quality as a prebuilt fan. Personally, I think they can do it as Cryorig has already shown that they are capable of designing and building top end products. And concerning those colored CPU coolers, again, I say why not? It's more options and they definitely look awesome. If I were to air cool my upcoming build, I have already picked the R1 Universal, so having a color option would be great... but still on the fence until all these newer AIO's get released and reviewed.