CyberPunk 2077 Coming to Stadia at Launch

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CyberPunk 2077 is finally set to come out on November 19th after multiple delays, and while that’s meant increased workloads for the game’s development staff, it also means that CD Projekt Red has been able to bring the release dates for all of the game’s versions into parity. 

While an earlier press release said that the Google Stadia version of CyberPunk 2077 would lag behind the console and PC versions, CD Projekt Red announced during a livestream today that the Stadia version of the game will be launching alongside all other versions on November 19th.

That’s big for folks who want to get their hands on CyberPunk 2077 before anyone else. Because Stadia is a streaming service, subscribers won’t have to download the game like console or PC players. “Stadia fans can be some of the very first to play and avoid waiting for downloads,” a Stadia representative told Tom’s Hardware over email.

Available with a free trial and thereafter for $9.99 a month, Stadia allows you to play a variety of PC games (bought separately) using cloud computing. You can run Stadia on your phone, your PC or even on a Pi (see how to use Stadia on a Raspberry Pi).  

Because Stadia's servers do all the processing, you also don't have to worry about upgrading your PC to meet CyberPunk 2077's system requirements. However, it's unlikely that Stadia's GPUs will be powerful enough to enable ray tracing.

Getting CyberPunk 2077 at launch marks a big win for Stadia, which coincidentally came out on November 19th of last year. One of our biggest complaints about Stadia in our review for the service was its limited game library, and having to wait to get CyberPunk would only have made matters worse. Now, however, Stadia is poised to have players hopping in before anyone else. And on its birthday, too.

Michelle Ehrhardt

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  • Dmar92
    "Available with a free trial and thereafter for $9.99 a month". While this statement is true, it implies that there is no free version available to play games. You could LITERALLY create a free stadia account on the day Cyberpunk releases and purchase the game and begin playing. Pro is only for members that want free games where month and want to stream in 4k. Otherwise it's not a necessity to play Cyberpunk.
  • Phaaze88
    "... Stadia..."
    "...making a big win for the platform."