'Damaged Core' To Hit Oculus Store August 30

Damaged Core is a sci-fi first person shooter that takes place in “the near future.” In this future, humanity is facing extinction at the hands of robots (Terminator, anyone?) controlled by a “swarm intelligence” called the Core. You play as an artificial intelligence that can take over the bodies of machines, including enemy robots. Your mission is to be the savior of the human race by taking down the Core, one robot at a time.

Damaged Core is technically a first person shooter, but it doesn’t have the typical mechanics of an FPS game. We had a chance to try Damaged Core during GDC in March and discovered that the game has a unique twist on movement within the environment. You teleport to move about the map, but not in the traditional sense. You actually transition from one stationary robot to the next, sometimes hopping long distances across the map. You basically hold your ground, fighting until the last second before switching robots.

Damaged Core is being developed by High Voltage Studios, which has another title for the Rift coming sometime soon called Dragon Front, which we expected to be the first VR title from the studio. The company website lists Dragon Front as having a Q2 2016 release, which has long since come and gone. Damaged Core, on the other hand, doesn’t even have a release window listed, but according to the game’s Twitter account, we can expect to see it hit the Oculus Home Store on Tuesday, August 30. The price for Damaged Core has not yet been revealed.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years. 

  • WFang
    Coming to the OR store? le'sigh.. hopefully the exclusive license expires soon and the rest of us can get it for Vive VR.
  • Zapin
    The Oculus store thing does not bother me as long as there is compatibility via revive. Oculus has publically agreed not to stop third parties from making Rift titles playable on other HMDs so I felt comfortable enough to buy at least one title from their store so I could play it on the Vive (Chronos). Once I see some proper reviews this title might be worth my money also as long as there is proper VR controller support. This is a shooter and anybody who has used a proper VR controller in a shooter cannot imagine playing it with an Xbox controller.
  • kyle382
    Teleporting around to a different standing position. Sounds super immersive....
  • gogogadgetliver
    ^--- Guy doesn't have an HMD. :P

    Dude, sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere, doing nothing at all would be 100% immersive in a rift. You have no idea.