Eight Pictures of the World's Stunning Datacenters

Big datacenters aren't typically places of beauty – at least not to the common eye without knowledge of computer hardware and industrial design. While the main goal of a datacenter is squarely on practicality, there's still a lot to be appreciated about these massive systems in place that serve us bits and bytes.

TechRepublic has a gallery showing off the new Microsoft Data Center in Chicago. Here are a few of our favorites.

Microsoft's facility is a model in practicality, but which datacenter is the most stylish? Bahnhof, an ISP in Sweden, must be one of the forerunners. Believe it or not, Bahnhof's data center is located in a Cold War-era underground nuclear bunker and has waterfall fountains and exotic fish. Check out the pictures and video below.

Bahnhof.se ISP

via Hack N Mod.

Do you work in a datacenter? How do these places compared to your workplace?

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  • exfileme
    my data center uses hamsters.
  • _Cubase_
    Female Swedish employees + transparent flooring = WIN
  • IzzyCraft
    pretty sure that is a bond villans HQ
  • Other Comments
  • exfileme
    my data center uses hamsters.
  • chickenhoagie
    wow these look awesome..the building in chicago looks like those crazy rooms you see in the movies, and well same for the sweden datacenter also. something like the batcave..just awesome.

    But..why are they spending so much on this?...there's just no way they're using that datacenter to its full potential.
  • Shadow703793
    That's no water fall! That's Fluorinert! :lol:

    Anyways, why the green/blue lighting in Pic #1 and #2?