DDR4 Overclock Pushed To 5 GHz With 4266 MHz G.Skill Kit

G.Skill announced that an enthusiast overclock has succeeded in pushing the company’s DDR4 memory to 5 GHz.

The overclocker, known as “Toppc,” used a G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 memory kit based on Samsung memory ICs. Currently, the fastest stock DDR4 memory kit operates at just 4,266 MHz, so this is a fairly significant push above what is currently on the market. G.Skill claimed this is the new DDR4 overclocking world record.

What is important to note about this new overclock is that yields of DDR4 memory kits are getting better. Until now, no one has managed to break the 5 GHz DDR4 barrier, even with liquid nitrogen cooling the memory. It’s likely that Toppc was able to do so because of the improved quality of the DDR4 RAM kit.

As the DDR4 technology improves, we’ll naturally see clock speeds continue to scale upwards, and we will likely see faster DDR4 stock memory come out over the course of the year.

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  • turkey3_scratch
    Wow, that's fast.
  • Fates_Demise
    and he only had to completely screw over his memory timings to gain that little extra...
  • Fates_Demise
    Stock Timing is 19-26-26-46, for anyone too lazy to look