Dell's Early Windows 7 Impressions

Millions of users have been testing Windows 7 thanks to the release of the public beta earlier this year. Now let’s hear what Dell has to say about its experiences.

Dell, one of the largest computer makers in the world, shared briefly some of its experiences from its internal testing of Windows 7.

“Over the last month we have been testing hundreds of Dell systems and the results are promising,” wrote Daniel Judd, Dell product strategist.

In comparison to Windows Vista, Dell found noticeable improvements in boot to desktop times. We already knew that Microsoft is not only fine tuning boot speed, but also working with OEMs to reduce boot-slowing bloatware.

Dell also reports good things about compatibility. Almost all existing Vista drivers are working, and testers say application compatibility is promising as well, including the IE8 compatibility mode.

Overall performance is upgraded, with tests of transcoding media files being faster than the latest Windows Vista builds.

By now many of you who are interested in Windows 7 may have already gotten your own hands-on time with the betas. Are the findings reported by Dell enough to make you upgrade from Vista or even XP?

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  • yingwuzhao
    no, I don't like Vista, nor Win7 that I tried out. After all the time I spent on testing win7, I went back to linux, where I have the full control.

    I am thinking the only reason people don't use linux is they do not know how and the learning curve is slightly long, what if most people understand linux, will there still be anybody use windows? I doubt, seriously.(by then suppose all games are perfectly compatible in linux)
  • B-Unit
    Been running the Win7 beta exclusively on my main machine since its release. There are a few oddities, mostly caused by being 'beta' (Your current operating system is not supported) but beyond that rock solid and very user friendly. Boot times are also amazing.

    As much as I hate to give M$ any more money,(already bought 2 Vista licences) I think I'm gonna have a copy of Win7 on day 1.
  • jhansonxi
    It's better than Vista but not revolutionary in any sense. Reminds me of the XP -> XP SP2 improvements. I know one developer that is using the beta regularly (MSDN) but I don't know anyone else that is planning to upgrade (even Vista users).