What You May Have Missed From Dell World

Austin, Texas was home to Dell's annual showcase, Dell World, where we saw a plethora of new products, services and innovations from the company. Our coverage was published primarily on our sister site, Tom's IT Pro. Below is what you may have missed from the show last week.

As expected, questions regarding the recent EMC acquisition were politely dodged (even when some pundits were not-so-nice in asking about it), but that didn't stop us from finding plenty of interesting news and exhibits.

Although there wasn't an overwhelming number of new products announced at Dell World, we saw the OptiPlex lineup receive its first update in five years, new OptiPlex AIO machines with optional 4K displays, and the debut of a "micro" form factor that sports Intel Unite conferencing technology.

One of Dell's partners, V5 systems, exited stealth and announced its new line of IoT security camera-and-sensor systems. Dell also announced the availability of its Internet of Things (IoT) gateway appliance, the Edge 5000.

Tom's IT Pro veteran Paul Alcorn (right), with Paul Prince, CTO of Mangstor

Dell brought the cost of its enterprise flash storage down with the announcement of its SC9000 storage array controller, and the company proudly displayed its new servers across the showroom floor. Dell even created a new version of its Cloud Platform System Premium, now simply dubbed the Cloud Platform System (CPS) Standard.

Dell also touted its services in analytics with the newest version of Statistica, and also expanded its backup and recovery segment offerings with its new Data Protection and Rapid Recovery suite.

Great Scott, Marty! Derek Forrest makes it back in time!

We started Dell World in the past, were shown the future, and then went back to the future. We learned much about Dell's focus and innovations in its massive tech wonderland, while John Mayer sang "Your Body Is A Wonderland." We weren't surprised Dell could not discuss its latest deal, but we were surprised people kept asking. It was quite a week in Austin, and it seems that it's a Dell world after all.

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Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.
  • hst101rox
    Don't forget the new Infinity Display laptops that have a very small amount of distance between the outer edges of the screen and the outer perimeter of the lids.