Back Up Data with this Glorious Delorean HDD

This is a 1:18 scale replica of the time machine that captured our hearts in the '80s. Bonus: it's also a fully functioning 500GB hard drive (I'll refrain from making any data back-up time travel jokes but you know you're thinking the same things I am).

The $250 that Flash Rods is asking for the device is a little steep, but the company claims four years of engineering went into making this stainless steel device a reality. When you're that dedicated to making a Delorean HDD happen, you can charge whatever you want.

Complete with moon discs, functional gull wing doors and a hood that opens, you'd be forgiven for forgetting to ask about the HDD inside. All we know is that it's a 500GB Seagate. Let's be honest though, you're not in this for the hard drive, are you?

Source: Everything USB via Giz

  • cobra420
    that thing is sweet . i want one just for bragging rights lol
  • apache_lives
    just dont transfer things at 88mbps...
  • g-thor
    I hope it isn't designed to only work with Macs running Time Machine.
  • ecmjr
    That's cool, but I don't dig the red wheels...
  • DM0407
    Will it give me Parkinson's?
  • alyoshka
    Hmmmmmm Gigawatts for Gigabytes.....??
  • Kaiser_25
    these retro tech things are cool, BUT i think the cool will wear off pretty fast, when the size is like uber obsolete, hopefully they make so you can interchange hdds easily.
  • jorged123
    1.21 gigaWatts!
  • Trashit
    Hmmm...."Delorean" and "reliability", two words that are not usually found in the same sentence lol. That said though its none the less cool and waaayyyy better looking than the apple time machine imo. (what is with the red/while wheels though?)
  • hunter315
    I hope you dont need to find some plutonium to power it whenever you want to run time machine on a mac hooked up to it.

    I couldnt resist.