Eurocom AIO PC Has a Built-In Battery Pack

This week, Eurocom introduced two all-in-one desktop computers: the 19-inch Uno 2.1 and the 21.5-inch Uno 3.0, the latter of which includes an optional 6-cell 62.16WH internal battery. They're available now with starting prices of $825 (2.1) and $917 (3.0).

According to the company, the Uno 3.0 has a maximum power draw of only 120 watts using a 100-250 V auto-switching external AC adapter. The Uno 2.1 has a maximum power draw of 90 watts using an auto- switching 110-240 V AC adapter. By comparison, the traditional desktop averages between 200 watts and 600 watts, the company reports.

On the security front, both PCs use Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 1.2 from Infineon Technologies to ensure that passwords, certificates and keys don't fall into the wrong hands. Both AIOs also have an integrated Kensington Lock Slot so that the PCs can be locked to a secure object. They also have VESA mounts for attaching them to tables, walls, desks and so on.

The specs show that the two Uno computers are thin and lightweight, with the Uno 3.0 measuring 21.08(W) x 1.96(D) x 14.8(H) inches and weighing 16.5 pounds, and the 2.1 model measuring 17.7(W) x 12.2(H) x 2.1~6.0(D) inches and weighing 14.7 pounds.

As previously stated, the Uno 3.0 features the integrated battery pack so that users don't lose their work if the electricity suddenly goes out or there's an unstable incoming electrical current. This battery backup can keep users working for up to 60 minutes, giving them enough time to save their work or find another working electrical outlet.

Eurocom provides a list of specs for each below, but both units can be configured and purchased by heading here.

EUROCOM Uno 3 Specifications:
• Display: 21.5-inch (546.1 mm); FHD 1920 x 1080 pixels; backlight LED with High Brightness and High Contrast; VESA Mount; optional Multi-Touch   (10 points)
• All-in-One Design:
- Easy to move around (carrying handle)
- Standard VESA Mounting (for wall, medical cart mounting, etc.)
- Internal Battery
- Adjustable Stand Design (from 95 to 143 degrees)
• Display Technology: 21.5-inch (546.1 mm diagonal); FHD 1920 x 1080; Matte (Non-Glare); LED Backlight; Color Depth 16.7M; Luminance:     250cd/m2; Contrast Ratio 1:1000; Gamut/NTSC 72%
• Processor: Intel H61 chipset; supports i7 37xxS and i5 35xxS/34xxS series processors; Ivy Bridge; LGA1155; up to i7-3770S; 65W
• VGA Technology: Intel HD Graphics HD4000 or HD2500 depending on CPU used; up to 1.7 GB of Dynamic Video Memory
• Memory: up to 16 GB; SODIMM; 204-pin; DDR3-1333/1600; 2 RAM slots; built-in 9-in-1 Card Reader
• Storage: 2x HDD/SSD; SATA 6 Gb/s (1x 2.5-inch HDD; 1x 3.5-inch)
• Optical Drive: Blu-Ray Burner, DVD-RW or 3rd HDD/SSD
• Expansion: ExpressCard 34/54 slot
• Ports: 4x USB 2.0; 2x USB 3.0; 1x HDMI 1.4a out; 1x HDMI input; 1x Headphone Jack; 1x Microphone Jack; 1x RJ45/LAN; 2x RS232 (Serial); 2x PS/2
• Security: TPM 1.2; Kensington Lock
• Power: 120W 100-250 V Auto-switching external AC Adapter; optional 6-cells 62.16WH internal battery
• Dimensions: 21.08 x 1.96 x 14.8 inch / 527 x 49 x 370 mm (W x D x H)
• Weight: 16.5 lbs / 7.5 kg

EUROCOM Uno 2.1 Specifications:
• Display: 19-inch (482.6 mm) WXGA+ 1440 x 900 pixels; LED Backlit; optional Multi-Touch; VESA Mount
• Weight/Dimensions: 6.7 kg / 14.7 lbs; W x D x H 450 x 312 x 53.5~15 1mm / 18 x 12.5 x 2.1~6.0 inches
• VESA Mount: Standard VESA MIS-D 100 (100 mm x 100 mm) with adjustable height
• Power: 90 Watts; Auto Switching 110-240 V AC Adapter
• Chipset: Intel HM76 Express Chipset
• Memory: up to 16 GB of DDR3-1600; Dual-Channel; 2 RAM sockets
• Storage: up to 4.5 TB of storage; supports 3 physical drives + mSATA
• Optical Drive: DVD-RW, Blu-Ray RW or 3rd HDD
• Communication: 10/100/1000 LAN on-board; Bluetooth and WLAN available
• Expansion: ExpressCard slot 54/34 slot
• I/O Ports: 2x Serial RS232; VGA; 3x USB 3.0; 2x USB 2.0; eSATA; RJ-45 LAN; Headphone Jack; Microphone Jack; Built-in Microphone and 2 Speakers
• Card Reader: 9-in-1 Card Reader: MMC/RSMMC; SD/mini SD/SDHC/SDXC compatible; MS/MS Pro/MS Duo

  • Spectre694
    Why not a Haswell chip with Iris graphics at least?
  • TheinsanegamerN
    why not Haswell cpu's? or heck, put a mobile gpu like the 860m, plus a 45 watt desktop i5 or mobile i series cpu in there. that would be a great all in one.
  • coolitic
    It's about time people start putting uninterrupted PSU's in computers. Almost every computer should have backup battery in case of power failure or the like.
  • Christopher1
    The more I hear about TPM the less I like it. Numerous people have pointed out how the government can put bad stuff in it that can allow them to 'hijack' your computer at their slightest whim.
  • somebodyspecial
    TPM was hacked already (2009/2010 IIRC, demo at blackhat I think etc), so I have no faith in that really without some deep convincing. Besides when Intel or MS say trust me (trusted platform module, bitlocker etc), I say, ok...wait for them to turn their back and disable whatever they tell you to trust (kind of like when govt. says "trust us, it will be good for you"). I trust my security to companies that live or die by that trust (they don't do much but security only). If an AV company screws up they are pretty dead. MS could weather tons of issues (xbox1 for instance with DRM crap). The huge companies have the money to try to scam you, & if it doesn't work they have time to fix it since you can't go away from windows (yet). They also have the time to wait for you to get over it. MS downplayed Bitlocker hack also. Defcon 20 (2013) has a whole vid on TPM hacks. Christopher Tarnovsky hacked it back in 2010 I think and still giving speeches on it as of 2013 (maybe this year too).
    Cracking the INFINEON chip Intel uses, which they also own anyway, so really just Intel.
  • vaughn2k
    now that is All-In-One...