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Players Report Widespread Issues With Running 'Destiny 2' On Ryzen 3000 PCs (Update)

(Image credit: Bungie)

Updated, 7/12/19, 9:23am PT: AMD has issued a statement regarding a fix for the continued compatibility problems Ryzen 3000 users have been dealing with:

"AMD has identified the root cause and implemented a BIOS fix for an issue impacting the ability to run certain Linux distributions and Destiny 2 on Ryzen 3000 processors. We have distributed an updated BIOS to our motherboard partners, and we expect consumers to have access to the new BIOS over the coming days."

Original article, 7/2/19, 8:08am PT:

For Destiny 2 fans who upgraded their rigs to Ryzen 3000 series CPUs, things are getting off to a rocky start. Those looking to jump right into the game and enjoy some exploration with their favorite Guardians were in for a rude awakening. It appears that the game has, for many, simply ceased loading for those running Ryzen 3000 setups.

Several players who took the plunge to power up their gaming setups are reporting that, following the upgrade, the game will no longer boot. According to Redditor Trinsikk, after clicking the "Play" button via, the game supposedly begins to run, with the program showing up in the Task Manager, but it never starts. It appears to be using 5 to 10% of the CPU's power, but it's simply unresponsive.

"Tried reinstalling Windows 3 times over with full formats between and reinstalling drivers each time," said Trinsikk. "Bungie halp," they pleaded.

Dozens of users across Reddit and the official Bungie forums are mirroring this user's plight, with similar problems posted throughout social media, including lengthy Twitter threads.

While the forum posts and Reddit threads are peppered with users experiencing the same issues, there appear to be no individuals actually claiming that they've gotten Destiny 2 to work properly on a machine with a Ryzen 3000 setup. At the very least, Bungie staff is looking into the issue in an attempt to correct it.

"Thank you for your report. We have escalated this issue for investigation," said an official Bungie representative as part of one of the many Bungie forum topics issued on the subject. At the time of writing, it appears an investigation of the issue is still very much underway.

A few clues across social media and the numerous threads indicate that the problem isn't localized to AMD's X570 chipset, as it's happening across various builds, including the X570 and X470.

AMD's new Ryzen 3000 series just hit stores yesterday, and now only a day after release, it seems to be causing widespread headaches throughout the Destiny community. As of right now, however, it seems that Destiny 2 appears to be the only PC title adversely affected by the Ryzen 3000 configurations.

Hopefully the impending fix is a quick and simple one that comes swiftly – otherwise, it looks as though there'll be quite a few unsatisfied customers looking for reparations for their trouble.