'Deus Ex: Mankind Divided' Trailer Shows Conflict Between 'Augs' And 'Naturals'

For some time, the team at Eidos Montreal has revealed little about the ongoing work for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. However, the developers pulled back the curtain on the game’s foundational story with a new live-action trailer.

The world of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided started off a revolution for humanity. The advancements in augmented technology opened doors for people and ushered in a new age where it seemed like there was nothing that humans couldn’t do.

At some point, though, it seemed that those with augmentations were “hacked.” People couldn’t control their actions and started injuring others, which made them a liability, especially around their own friends and family. The feeling of distrust grew to a point where hate groups against the so-called “Augs” became violent. On top of that, several countries stated that they would not allow Augs to cross their borders. The final nail in the coffin for the augmented individuals was the “Human Restoration Act,” which segregated Augs from regular humans (aka, “Naturals.”)

Obviously, Adam Jensen’s augmented body makes him a high-value target for the anti-augmented community, and he’ll have to evade them as well as security forces in his hunt for a conspiracy that involves multiple nations.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided was supposed to come out earlier this year, in February. However, the release date changed to August 23. According to development lead David Anfossi, the delay would give developers more time to work on game assets and (ideally) exceed the expectations of fans. With E3 around the corner, it’s possible that we could see more gameplay footage of Adam Jensen’s latest adventure.

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NameDeus Ex: Mankind Divided
TypeFirst-person shooter, RPG
DeveloperEidos Montreal
PublisherSquare Enix
Release DateAugust 23, 2016
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
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