Eizo Launches DuraVision FDF2405W 23.5-inch 240 Hz LCD

Eizo has announced the DuraVision FDF2405W which features a 23.5-inch LED backlit VA panel that offers a resolution of 1920 x 1080, typical viewing angles of 176° / 176° and a 5 ms GTG response time.

The display also includes a brightness of 450 cd/m2, a 5000:1 contrast ratio and is capable of displaying up to 1.07 billion colors (10-bit).

What truly distinguishes the FDF2405W from other professional grade monitors is its 240 Hz refresh rate which combines with Eizo's "blur reduction" technology that converts 120 Hz input signals to 2450 Hz "to reduce ghosting and blurring that is caused during frame changes." This feature aims to improve sharpness and visibility and reduces eye fatigue when viewing scrolling or moving images by converting 120 Hz input signals to 240 Hz.

The monitor also includes support for "accurate color with 3D LUT" which enhances its ability to "display neutral grey tones found in satellite imagery" by improving the additive color mixture and an EPD (Equal Probability of Detection) image preset that ensures that "each gradient step between black and white can be detected and defines objects and details that would otherwise remain difficult to see."

With regards to connectivity, the FDF240W includes DisplayPort and DVI-D inputs with a 3-pin mini-DIN connector that allows 3D content to be displayed via the monitor's active shutter system. Also included are three USB 2.0 ports (one upstream, two downstream) and an adjustable stand that offers height adjustment of up to 194 mm, 30° upward tilt, 172° horizontal swivel and 180° rotation.

At the time of writing, Eizo has not provided information on the DuraVision FDF2405W's pricing or availability but has confirmed that it will be backed by a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

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  • Stealthman80
    Holy crap 2450hz!
  • SirGCal
    Make 27" flavors and I'll convert from my 144Hz setups now.
  • toddybody
    1440p and 144hz...PLEASE?